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TMap NEXT in scrum

TMap NEXT® in scrum — How do you do that?

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In this book, we demonstrate how tmap can be integrated with the scrum approach to form an integrated agile whole.

Experience has taught us that testing is not only an extremely important activity in a scrum approach. It has also stimulated our view that testing should be fully integrated in this approach in order to be as agile as possible. In this book, we explain our vision and translate this to concrete applications. In this context, we regard testing not as a process alongside the scrum approach but rather as an integral component of the approach.
As a valuable supplement, this book also contains a short epilog by Arie van Bennekum — chairman of the Agile Consortium International and co-author of the Agile Manifesto— with the title "Agile testing, what can be borrowed from dsdm?"

96 pages, softcover
authors: Leo van der Aalst, Cecile Davis
publication year: 2013
ISBN: 9789075414646
price: € 19,95

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