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TeamPark – platform and method

Cover Team ParkTeamPark – platform and method

Employees of every company can deliver bigger achievements if organized in communities instead of only teams and if we let them collaborate in other ways than just purely functional. What is required to accomplish this is a social collaboration platform. A combination of software like MySpaces, Facebook or Digg. But also like Youtube or Wikipedia. This kind of social software is very effective in creating communities and utilizing crowd-power. This enables what we call the Intelligent Organization . To transform an organization into an Intelligent Organization is not just a matter of making available such a social platform. Many activities and a structured approach is necessary to get the platform accepted and to bring it alive.

To provide the organization with a living social side Sogeti developed the method: TeamPark. The TeamPark method itself consists of four phases that can be executed in increments and iterations. The first phase of the TeamPark method is creating awareness. Followed by the phases strategy and implementation and last but least, the platform, the social side of the organization needs to be brought alive.

The book TeamPark consists out of two parts that can be read as two separate books. The first part is called From crowd to community and describes in a sometimes hyperbolical but always fun to read way Sogeti s vision on Web 2.0 and inspires the reader to enter a new world where we all collaborate in new ways. The second part is called TeamPark platform and method . This part describes what Sogeti considers to be a true social platform and the method, the trajectory, organizations have to follow to utilize a successful social collaboration platform.

Autoren: Patrick Savalle, Wim Hofland, Arnd Brugman
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
ISBN: 978-907541428-8