“The Unorganization” – new research on disruption from SogetiLabs

A new report from research institute SogetiLabs advocates “unorganizing” and four other concrete activities in order to monetize on the new economic wave. The report “The Unorganization” is the fifth report on the topic of disruption. It presents a new growth model to leverage digital disruption, based on the insights coming from the disruptive innovation project of SogetiLabs.

December 6, 2016, Paris, France – Organizations should take more advantage of the new economic growth engines. To achieve this, new frameworks need to be constructed, and the old must be demolished. This kind of reinventing will lead to a different type of organizations. In the new report from SogetiLabs, co-authored by researchers Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein and Peter Smith, these are the “Unorganizations”. In many respects Unorganizations are the opposite of the classic organization: limited versus unlimited, managed versus unmanaged, egosystem versus ecosystem, silos versus platforms, purposeless versus purpose driven.

“When we were discussing the outcomes of our research on disruption we faced a strange kind of boardroom masochism, with comments such as “Yes our life as we know it is over and we accept it with a smile”. The whole idea that new engines of growth have presented themselves, right under our noses, disappeared into the background of the debate. That is why we worked on a positive agenda for growth, the “Unorganization model”, to stretch the boundaries of the organizations that seemed to be stretched to its limits”, commented Menno van doorn, research director at SogetiLabs.

Abandoning the old management models, unleashing new ones, and how to do that concretely is focused in the new research from SogetiLabs in order to provide guidance and help as organizations are facing this paradigm shift.

5 ways forward
Five key pillars through which SogetiLabs introduces the Unorganization, helps organizations move forward:

1. Understand.Understanding how the drivers of growth work in a networked society is a primary condition. This is about truly comprehending the latest insights of platform economics, understanding the characteristics of the platform economy where demand economies of scale play a crucial role.

2. Unorganize. Unorganizing as an activity is a twenty year old concept that focuses on management rationalization; less management consequently leads to zero distance to the customer. Nowadays we see Unorganize as an activity that has become known in ever-wider circles as “Business DevOps” where self-organizing teams become the driver of growth for the entire organization.

3. Unbundle. Unbundling is the driver of growth for start-ups. Bundling is the manner in which existing organizations have grown. Unbundling and re-bundling with combinatorial innovation is the driver of growth of the Unorganization.

4. Unman. Software is eating the organization. The design of the organization depends on the further progression of the technological possibilities; automating in more (and especially other) places where, until now, people did all the work. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology leads this path.

5. Unleash. New opportunities come to life through adjacent possibilities and combinatorial intelligence and synergy leading to a “whole” that is greater than the sum of the parts. For instance by IoT*-ing your products. Free, open and unrestrictive mental model and method of working; access to resources outside the organization, cooperating with, what were previously, competitors and products.

An extended series of reports
The “Design to Disrupt” research from SogetiLabs initially included a series of four reports. The first report, “Design to Disrupt – An Executive Introduction” marked the start of the research project. The second report, “The new digital competition”, analyzed the new digital competition from fast-moving, agile startups growing their business with the speed of light through disruptive innovation. The third report, "Blockchain: cryptoplatform for a frictionless economy” concentrated on Blockchain and Bitcoin, and the forth report focused on “Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps”. As the research progressed it evolved into the additional fifth report, launched today, in order to help organizations adopt disruption. The series is authored by multiple SogetiLabs researchers.

Download the report here: www.sogeti.com/unorganization  

All Sogeti publications are available online: www.sogeti.com/onlinebookstore    

 *) IoT; Internet of Things

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