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How Companies Survive by Mastering Digital Disruption with Devops Featured in New Report from VINT.

Mastering Digital Disruption with DevOps is the final report in a series of four on Disruption. It defines the current disruption era and sketches out what incumbents need to do in order to master this change. The ambition is to become an ‘Antifragile’ organization: the kind of corporation that gains strength from market disruption. The message is that there are no easy fixes. A change in corporate culture is needed, a new way of management (management innovation), to level up with startups on three important aspects: speed of innovation, engagement of employees and client obsession. DevOps and lean startup, as practices for implementing management innovation, are the leading schools of thought. The DevOps practices of Spotify and ING Bank, that are described in the report, present the inspiration that is needed to understand the holistic approach.

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