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The Connected Workforce

cover Connected WorkforceThe Connected Workforce

Making Your Digital Transformation Work
Where will you be five years from now? What great successes will your company achieve in the coming years? There will be a lot of pressure on organizations, from changing demographics, a changing economy and very competitive market circumstances.

Whatever the future may hold, one thing is certain: the digital element will play an important role. It will be an integral part of how you operate, innovate, collaborate and communicate. But are you truly using technology in the best possible way to change the way things are done? There is now a large technology base available to all, ready to be used. There are mobile devices, cloud solutions, modern tablets and accompanying operating systems that focus on simplicity and usability. Incorporating the capabilities that come with each new wave of technology has become an imperative. Will it be you or your competitor who acts first?

This book provides you with the insights of what is happening in business technology and helps you understand the urgency. It describes the holistic vision of how to use business technology well. But it goes much further: it also contains a practical roadmap for the execution of your digital transformation. From building your vision, and addressing the essentials to the execution of projects that excite and energize your clients and employees alike. But let’s not forget end user adoption and maintaining simplicity, as they are the key ingredients for success with any technology. Keep the people centric and make sure that you don’t compromise future agility. For that is the true transformation: to remain innovative.
Autoren: Erik van Ommeren, Per Björkegren
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
ISBN: 9789075414615