Continuous Testing Report 2020

Continuous Testing Report 2020

The Continuous Testing Report 2020 reveals that while continuous testing is very much on the agenda, putting it into practice isn’t an easy process.

Key takeways:

  • Continuous testing success is measured in its ability to meet business goals and end user expectations.
  • The entire SDLC must be orchestrated to deliver a single source of truth, from release management through to deployment.
  • Test environments remain one of the single biggest barriers to continuous testing and Agile delivery.
  • Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used, with 42% of respondents saying they will use it for predictive analytics.


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The Continuous Testing Report 2020 brings together survey data and the opinions of subject matter experts from Sogeti, Capgemini, and Broadcom. Together we explore the ever-changing landscape of testing at every stage of the software development lifecycle. 500 senior decision makers in large and enterprise-level organizations across North America and Europe took part in the survey.

We found that while more than half (55%) of respondents have already adopted a continuous testing approach, cultural, process and technological challenges remain a barrier to success. For example, 68% of respondents say designing and maintaining meaningful test cases that align with end-user expectations is challenging or extremely challenging.

Find out why organizations are keen to adopt continuous testing, but struggle to put it into practice.

With continuous testing success being measured in its ability to meet business goals and end-user expectations, the following are just a few of the Continuous Testing Report 2020 recommendations:

  • A new approach is required, with new levels of collaboration between all disciplines, including developers, testers, security experts, and business.
  • The entire software development lifecycle must be orchestrated to deliver a single source of truth.
  •  Shift from quality as a “stage” in the application delivery lifecycle to quality as a “concept” owned by everyone, from planning to production.


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