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Webinar: Creating the Digital Enterprise

On 8th of December 2016, we aired a webinar about Creating the Digital Enterprise. Here is the recorded stream.

Donnerstag 08 Dezember 2016, 16:00 to Mittwoch 07 Dezember 2016, 00:32

Many companies are asking: “What does a digital version of our organization look like?”, and the answer may even have impact on core business models.

Creating the Digital Enterprise is a transformative journey on which companies get closer to customers in a true omnichannel context, better understanding preferences and expectations. It’s a journey where real-time analytics enhance both the organization’s strategic thinking and immediate actions. Innovation-readiness embraces new accelerators such as Internet-of-Things, machine learning, virtual reality, in an open and collaborative spirit. Digital quality assurance is embedded into development processes using a high degree of automation, enabling both quality and speed.

Missed the webinar? No worries! 
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