50th anniversary

50 years of adventure - 50 years of services and technology.

Founded by Serge Kampf on October 1, 1967, in Grenoble, France, the business management and information processing company Sogeti emerged at a critical moment in IT history. Our mission for the past 50 years: leveraging IT to boost companies’ growth, competitiveness and innovation.

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From a French startup to a world leader

Over a half century, Sogeti developed into the global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, a Group of companies we now call Capgemini. During these five decades, we have retained its love for adventure and conquest. Since 1967, all of its employees have embodied this desire to “live the future.” Take a look at a few milestones. 

From 1967 to today
Our adventure in numbers
They shaped the Group
History of our brand
Capgemini University: A cultural melting pot

A few ground breaking projects

Living the future has been a driving force for us since 1967. From the emergence of IT in the 1970s to the digital revolution of today, the Group assists its clients in adapting to major technological transformation. Take a look at a few groundbreaking projects from the last five decades, as told by the employees who carried them out.

Conquering real time
Beyond Modern Times
The End of Cash
Head in the cloud
The Holy Grail of Customer Experience
Towards Zero Risk
Do Connected objects have a soul
Of Robots and men
Green IT or it for Green
Business models: Happy break ups

Serge Kampf - our visionary founder

Founder of the Capgemini Group that he led for 45 years, Serge Kampf transformed a small company created in Grenoble into a global leader in the IT services industry.

Fond recollections of a leader and a friend, the movie
Biography, Vision & Audacity, Ethics & Values, The love of rugby

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    Paul Saunders
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A message from Paul Hermelin
Imagine the next 50 years
Living the future now!