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TMap NEXT Testing Clouds

eBook: TMap NEXT® Testing Clouds

TMAP Next CloudTMap NEXT® Testing Clouds is an innovative book on Testing Clouds for the QA early adopter. This book is a development from its TMap® predecessors. It outlines how structured testing, using TMap®, can be leveraged within a cloud environment.

It is not a step-by-step handbook, but reviews in detail the framework and importance of testing on the cloud, testing cloud strategy (in, on or within the cloud) and the risks involved for companies considering migrating applications onto the cloud, such as security, data integrity, privacy issues, data recovery and performance.

It can also be read as a companion or follow-on publication to Seize the Cloud – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Cloud Computing[1], exploring in more detail the testing aspects of the cloud.

The Context of the Cloud and the role of Testing

The Cloud is still at an early stage in its adoption, but the growth of cloud-based computing is outstripping even the most optimistic predictions. It is early 2011 and almost all industry forecasts of ‘the’ most important IT technologies put cloud computing in their Top 3.

That growth is based on a compelling value proposition: speed to market, agility to bring forward or retire services, and the chance to move expenditure out of CapEx and into OpEx. Although the cloud is still in its infancy, it is increasingly clear that the cloud model will supplement, if not entirely replace, mainframe and client/server installations in the years to come.

TMap NEXT® Testing Clouds explains that the cloud is a business model or platform on which testing must be carried out just like any other service. It enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources.

It also outlines that the cloud is not only an IT opportunity, but a strategic business opportunity. It creates the ability to get the business in charge of IT and change from Information Technology (IT) to Business Technology (BT).

As the cloud era emerges, testing will change - not only for information systems, but also for testing the infrastructure, cloud-enabled applications and the ability to have an instant deployable test infrastructure.  Testing applications on the cloud is the same as testing applications on a traditional.

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