3.5.2022: Workshop on Internet of Things

Workshop: Introduction in IoT testing on the example of testing connected vehicles on an IoT emulator

Date: May 3, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. CET


In the workshop, I will use a practical example to introduce the testing of Internet of Things (IoT). In doing so, it is of considerable importance that the participants get an impression of the possibilities for testing IoT devices that are not physically available in emulators. In addition, I will discuss how they can build on their current knowledge and experience in software testing for specialization in IoT testing. There will also be a practical example demonstrating how to emulate an autonomous vehicle and how to implement a suitable test infrastructure. Finally, the workshops includes a hands-on session to experiment by themselves.

The main intention of the workshop is that attendees experience Internet of Things (IoT) testing on a practical use case. The workshop provides an opportunity, to experience IoT on real devices. There are many virtual trainings on this topic available, but it needs to be considered that the Internet of Things is based on hardware that build up a connection to the Internet. Before physical hardware is transmitted to an emulator, it is essential to experience its functionality in a physical environment.

Target Audience: Software Engineers with focus on testing, quality assurance with about one to two years professional experience.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in Software Testing, e.g. ISTQB Foundation Level

Level: Basic

Host: Thomas Auer, Capgemini

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