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Machine Intelligence quality characteristics

The series of papers on Testing and AI

This is the second in a series of papers focused on testing of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will give further insight into the test techniques and methodologies for ensuring AI quality, and it will identify the quality characteristics and their testing in this fast-changing area of IT.

Our first paper “Testing of Artificial Intelligence; AI quality engineering skills – an introduction” discussed the skills needed for quality engineering.
(download this paper at: https://www.sogeti.com/explore/blog/testing-of-artificial-intelligence/)

In this second paper, we define software quality, introduce a generic taxonomy of quality characteristics, discuss the connections between these characteristics, and discuss future work leading to a quality-characteristics-based methodology for evaluating software architectures.

The key premise of this paper is that there is a need to extend the existing model of quality characteristics with new quality characteristics specifically for AI and robotics.

Content from both papers has been included in the book “Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference”, published on 1 June 2018.

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