February 9 2021, 10:00 CET

World Quality Report 2020

Growing expectations from QA. Can we meet them? Yes. We can.

Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today.

Quality assurance (QA) is now a business priority to help deliver trusted enterprise digital transformation. Discover top takeaways from the World Quality Report 2020-21. What trends are shaping QA and testing today and what are our recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges?

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About the World Quality Report


The 12th annual edition of the World Quality Report (WQR) outlines the implicit contribution of QA in the success of enterprise digital transformation.

A survey sample of 1,750 CIOs and senior tech leaders has voted ‘Business Assurance’ as the most important QA and testing objective.

Read key recommendations from WQR 2020-2021 to help accelerate your Quality Assurance & Engineering journey:

  • Don’t silo responsibility for QA
  • Adopt smart ways of working
  • Greater savings can be achieved by using test infrastructure smartly
  • Be better prepared for business continuity.


When: December 1 2020, 11:00-11:45 CET

Discover the key findings from this year’s World Quality Report. The only study of its kind, it identifies the trends shaping QA and testing today, and offers recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

The WQR 2020-2021 highlights that expectations from QA have been increasing with an upward trend across various strategic objectives. These include the need for QA to support business growth and the importance of ensuring end-user satisfaction.

It shows the steady evolution of quality assurance from a backroom discipline to an integral part of wider enterprise digital transformation. Contributing to business growth and business outcomes was the highest rated objective for testing and QA at 74% - up 6 percentage points from 2018.

Our specialists will delve into key hot topics as they discuss the findings and what it means to your business.

Join us as we discuss the key findings, including:

  • Continued adoption of Agile and DevOps, with QA teams orchestrating quality
  • Increased AI adoption, but more progress needed
  • Increased use of QA automation is not being fully realized. Why is there a gap between confidence and results?
  • Digital transformation programs are being accelerated by the global pandemic, and driving QA improvements

Our Speakers

Mark Buenen

Mark Buenen - Global Leader of Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering Services at Capgemini Group

Stefan Gerstner ist Vice President für den Bereich Digital Assurance und Testing Services bei der Sogeti International. Er verfügt über mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der IT-Dienstleistungsbranche mit starkem Fokus auf die Qualitätssicherung. Darüberhinaus treibt Herr Gerstner maßgeblich die Entwicklung neuer Dienstleistungen bei Sogeti voran.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan - Software Expert, Micro Focus DACH

Amir Khan betreut in seiner Rolle als Software Expert für das Application Delivery Management-Portfolio bei Micro Focus DACH namhafte Enterprise-Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Er bringt eine mehr als 10-jährige fundierte Erfahrung sowohl in traditionellen, als auch in agilen Projekten innerhalb der Softwareentwicklung und des Software Testings mit. Dabei hat sich Amir Khan stark auf die Themen DevOps und Behaviour Driven Development spezialisiert.

Morten Løvstad

Morten Løvstad - CEO Sogeti Norway

Sven Euteneuer ist Portfolio Director bei der Sogeti Deutschland GmbH. In dieser Rolle zeichnet er verantwortlich für die Ausdefinition, die Weiterentwicklung und den Einsatz des Dienstleistungsportfolios in den Bereichen agile Quality Engineering und Automation, Performance und Cybersecurity, zusätzlich auch auf das Qualitätsportfolio für die moderne ERP Plattform SAP S/4 HANA. Herrn Euteneuers Background liegt dabei in der Technik. Nach 12 Jahren in verschiedenen Rollen in der Softwareentwicklung ist er 2007 zu einem großen Provider von Test- und Qualitätsdienstleistungen gestoßen.


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